60 Days -Accelerated Private Pilot Program- $8000 ​Financing Option Available ( Pilot Finance) 

Pilot Financing

 60 Days -Accelerated Private Pilot Program- $8000




Accelerated Private Pilot Program is a very  cost and time efficient way for you to train for you private pilot license. We will help you accomplish your goal as soon as possible. The Aviation market is changing everyday and there is a huge demand for Pilots. A lot of schools and colleges require you to have your private pilot license when you apply with them.

Our Program is intense and will require a lot of dedication and studying. We are not playing games here. Our qualified instructors take training our students very seriously. You will benefit from this style of training in terms of both cost savings, and – even more importantly – maximum retention of knowledge and skills.

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 The Private Pilot Certificate is the foundation to all of your future flying. This certificate will allow you to fly anywhere in the United States in a single engine airplane under visual flight conditions with your friends and family as passengers

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All2fly Aviation academy requirement

 Accelerated Private Pilot Program  will help you get the FAA requirements done in less than 60 days for  around $8000.

*   The estimate  given for 40 hours of flight training.

60 days Private Pilot Training Requirement

  • Entrance Exam - Passed 90%
  • Registration:- $175
  • Pilot Bag ( Includes all Private Pilot books and Materials)   $400 
  • Intro to Ground  ( 3.5 hours)   $175
  • Aircraft Rental Insurance.:- Required before starting training. ($140)
  • Student Pilot License : Will be applied for after Registration.
  • Knowledge Test Prep Online. - Need to get at least 90% to take the test. (Must be done before the Private pilot Check ride.)
  • Preparation for Oral/Practical test.- Done with Instructor.
  • Check ride.

* Student needs to be studying as much as possible for the Practical/Oral  and knowledge 


FAA minimum flight requirements for Private Pilot License


​Receive and log a minimum of 40 hours of flight time that include:  

  • 20 hours of flight training from an FAA authorized instructor  
  • 3 hours of cross-country flight training
  • 3 hours of instrument training
  • 3 hours of Practical Test preparation
  • 3 hours of night flight training
  • 10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop
  • 1 cross-country flight of over 100 NM total distance


  • 10 hours of solo flight training 
  • 5 hours of solo cross-country time
  • 1 solo cross country of at least 150 NM with full stop landings at a minimum of 3 points
  • 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop at a towered airport.