The Airlines are searching for qualified pilots to fill a vast amount of pilot positions. The "Pilot Shortage" is increasing the attraction for ambitious professionals to choose an exciting career as a professional pilot. Start your career without the financial burden. Professional pilots, military and civilian, train on a full time basis. Learn faster and retain more of what you learn. Our career pilot program is designed to take you from zero to commercial pilot in 6 months for under $40,000. 


Minimum Academy Requirements 


Academy Requirements:

  • Wear appropriate clothing while on campus  representing All2Fly
  • Be well-groomed with no visible tattoos or piercings
  • Act in an appropriate and professional manner, at all times
  • Maintain a minimum 90% average on all academy and FAA exams
  • Attend aircraft maintenance classes at the maintenance facility
  • Complete and sign all required academy documents for each lesson
  • Obtain and maintain renters insurance ​ (avg. cost $150.00 / yr.)