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Pilot Financing Available for qualified candidates

 Choosing the right school for your pilot license can be extremely stressful. All2fly Aviation Academy has been in the Aviation industry for over 20 years .  We  understand the importance in acquiring  your license in a safe and timely manner.   All2fly Aviation Academy can make it happen in the most cost effective way. We will help  you, guide you and mentor you in accomplishing your dream.


Pilot Training Program

Career Pilot Training



The Airlines are searching for qualified pilots to fill a vast amount of pilot positions. The "Pilot Shortage" is increasing the attraction for ambitious professionals to choose an exciting career as a professional pilot. Start your career without the financial burden. Professional pilots, military and civilian, train on a full time basis. Learn faster and retain more of what you learn. Our career pilot program is designed to take you from zero to commercial pilot in 6 months for under $40,000.

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Accelerated Private Pilot Program


 All2Fly Aviation is dedicated to teaching pilots how to fly using enhanced knowledge of safe practices. We teach our students how to maintain the value and performance of aircraft through comprehensive ground school and pilot maintenance classes. Our experienced instructors ensure that every student receives the highest quality of training at a pace that fits each individual's schedule and learning needs.  Our Accelerated private pilot program will help you get your license in less that 60 days for around $8,000. 

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Multi- Engine Training


 Whether you’re a Private Pilot looking for the added speed of a Multi-Engine aircraft or a Commercial Pilot looking for your multi-engine add-on, All2Fly Aviation has the accelerated programs to help you reach your goals, quickly and affordably. Pilots complete our multi-engine training program in 5 days for under $5,000 with prior study. 

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Instrument Rating


 Add an Instrument Rating to a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Certificate and fly under Instrument Flight Rules or IFR. Whether you plan to fly hard IFR, or just go through an occasional overcast, you deserve the best training available. You need the knowledge and skill required to fly safely and comfortably.  

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If you are getting started in aviation or you are looking to get additional ratings. Feel free to contact us.

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Piper Warrior (1080H)

Piper Arrow (3231R)

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