Instrument Rating


FAA Instrument Rating

  •  ​40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time 
  • 15 hours must be received from a flight instructor
  • 20 hours maximum instrument time in a Aviation Training Device (ATD or BATD) if no more than 10 hours is credited toward the instrument time requirements in a flight simulator or flight training device
  • One cross-country flight must be under IFR with a flight plan filed with ATC, at least 250nm along airways ( or ATC-directed routing ) involving an approach at each airport and a total of three different kinds of approaches using navigation systems.

All2Fly Minimum Academy Requirements:


All students will:

  •  Wear appropriate clothing while on campus representing All2Fly Academy and yourself
  • Be clean shaven with no visible tattoos or piercings
  • Act in an appropriate and professional manner, at all times
  • Maintain a minimum 90% average on all academy and FAA exams
  • Attend aircraft maintenance classes at the maintenance facility
  • Complete and sign all required academy documents for each lesson
  • Obtain and maintain renters insurance ​ (avg. cost $150.00 / yr.)